Сплин - Романс / Splin - Romance

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Сплин - Романс / Splin - Romance

Post by Guest on Thu Dec 29, 2011 3:18 pm

I tried to translate by myself

And the lamp is not lit.
And cheating calendars...
And if you have long wanted something to tell me, tell it now...
Any sound is misleading.
But silence is more terrible...
When in the midst of joy falls from the hands of a glass of wine...
And the black cabinet.
And waiting in the trunk of the cartridge...
So quiet that I hear is at the depth of the subway car...

Shelves are on the square.
The darkness at the end of string...
And on the telephone, these many years later, only beeps...
And somewhere plop the door.
And the wires tremble...
We will be happy now and forever.
We will be happy now and forever.

worship worship worship


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